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Phat Dads Club – the renaissance of man, philanthropy for mankind.  Join us and kick-start some physical activity to benefit all.  We’re a group of normal Dads with supporting WAGs, wishing to action a little effort in life to provide a big difference in return with lots of information, occasional humor, alleged wisdom, healthy focus and the odd fundraiser for good cause.  Our name Phat orignated from a light-hearted joke (Pretty Hot And Tasty), aka ‘Cool’ which was far from the reality of us middle aged Dads whereas the more serious undertone and focus when fundrasing and our general philosophy is Philanthropic (charitable), Holistic (in body & mind), Altruistic (unselfish) and Tenacity (man of purpose, determination & heart).

It all began early one Sunday morning in September, year 2011, a group of Dads met at a local park for a pre-arranged bike ride.

Two weeks previously they had reminisced at their children’s school, end of summer party about the good old days and naturally exaggerated how fit and fancy they used to be.  Having had a few drinks too many their egos, encouraged further by their wife’s mocking and teasing of challenge, had them shake on the premise of meeting up once per week for an activity.  Within the dads group there was said to be those who had, towards the end of their teenage years, been decent runners, tennis players, weight lifters, football players and cyclists.  In an ironic twist the group was baptised Phat Dads, meaning Pretty Hot And Tasty,…exactly, not!  We had all hung up our gloves many years ago and now was the realisation we had let ourselves go.  Regardless we persevered and on that very first outing surprised ourselves and our WAGs by achieving a 16 mile bike ride which was followed, the week after, by a 6 mile run and it’s been going on ever since.

Our message to all is that we are normal dads, lost in the world of responsibility and commitment and all in need of a wake-up call.  There is no excuse to let our wife’s down, our children down and importantly ourselves down when it comes to longevity and quality of our lives in the latter years.  Blink and we’ll be too past it to participate in activities we never thought twice about before such as our kids sports day or simply occasionally to ignite the old spark of desire in our women.  No matter how hard one works in their professional environment there is no excuse or reason to suggest we can’t make one hour a week to take control and be active again and to breathe life back into our soul.  Within a few sessions we’ve discovered many positives and very few negatives, fit in mind will in time produce fit in body and from it energise all those around.

This web site is meant to help encourage, enrich and facilitate a higher state of consciousness beyond the typical mundane and monotonous life that most middle age men drift along in, whether blissfully unaware or trapped and frustrated.  Join us on this crusade and movement by starting your own group or simply follow our journey and enjoy the richness and re-identification that our collective will encourage.

PDC forever, good luck