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The Phat Dads Club (PDC) movement encourages one to kick-start and maintain a healthier lifestyle and whilst doing so raises funds for good causes with a difference in that 100% of monies raised will not only go to charity and be put to best use but importantly people will be able to view what has been raised and what exactly it’s been spent on, increasing value, good energy, and well-being to all.

Often charity donations are somewhat abstract in nature and leave fundraisers with a lack of tangibility i.e. where’s the money gone?, what’s it being spent on?, how much actually got through to those in need?  We put 100% (no admin fees, overheads or any costs) direct to local charity and we and others who support see, via the website, funds rasied, actual gifts purchased and/or services provided, including confirmation of receipt.  To avoid fragmentation, personal preferences and dilution of funds it’s best to focus on select charities.  We have chosen children and their hospice care.  No one can disagree how important and essential this is and there is one local to PDC’s birthplace, Demelza Hospice Care for Children ‘ADDING LIFE TO DAYS, WHEN DAYS CANNOT BE ADDED TO LIFE.’  Charity to children is also part of our duty, care and meaning as a Dad’s club to be thankful for what we have and others don’t….thank you in advance for your support.  Below are some letters from parents of seriously ill children who tell their own stories and how Demelza has helped.