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A special thanks to…..

A special thanks to……

Louise, Raphaella & Theodore for inspiration, strength, love & life

Professor Kefah Mokbel, Consultant Mark Harries, Consultant Abdul Kasem, Professor Paul Ellis & associated teams

Rod Stewart CBE & Peps

Kiefer Sutherland ‘Jack’ & Michael Hall ‘Dexter’

Consultant Bhupal Chitnavis

Jan Hawkins, teacher & author

Mary Spinks & The Primrose Centre

Stevie O ‘sven’, Ant ‘phat nav’ & Nagi ‘egyptian warrior’

Steve at Flymedia

And of course the Phat Dads:  Andy, Bruce, Brendan, Dean, Matt, Richard, Chris, David, Chris B, Warren, Gavin, Jules, Rod, Gary, Nathan, Dean (fireman), Neil, Jim, Mark, Roger and to all whom may join the movement………..

And last but not least to all the WAGs for their support and to all at Demelza for their amazing works